Friday, April 16, 2010

Pray for MOM

Hey Friends,

If you know my mom, would you please pray for her? This afternoon she was on a lawn mower and it flipped while she was riding it. In a panic, she jumped off to avoid the mower but broker her fall with her hand.

As the radiologist said, "She's crushed her radius." She is in a splint until Monday, at which point she will hear if she will need surgery or not. She is in severe pain, and I'd appreciate prayers for her.

On a funny note, my mom is over sixty years old and THIS IS HER FIRST BROKEN BONE! I told her I thought that was probably a record. Let me know if you know a person that could beat it!

Finally, I am always amazed at how God works everything out for HIS plans. This weekend Reid is supposed to be gone to a work conference, but God worked it out for him to stay here! I was supposed to be in Nashville with Mason at his competition, but God worked it out for me to stay here. (Actually, because of my illness this past week! A blessing in disguise!) Therefore, Reid was able to keep the boys, and I was able to be with my mom at the hospital! My parents were supposed to have the boys this weekend, but God worked everything out! So thankful!

Update (4/21/10) - Mom had surgery today. She has a metal plate in her arm and it will require elevation for the next several days. She is home now, and recovering. It's a 2-3 month recovery, so prayers are still appreciated. Thank you!


Kristy said...

:( So sorry! Praying she heals quickly! (and is as comfortable as possible in the process!)

Kerry ABOUT ME said...


I just said a prayer for your mom. I hope she heals quickly,