Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 3,000 Egg Hunt


Looking back, I suppose the Lord was birthing this CRAZY idea for an adult Easter Egg Hunt on Christmas Day of 2009. This past Christmas, we invited two friends from Water Angels to come spend the day with us, Vince and Amy. Christmas was incredibly special! Reid has remained close to Vince, just as I have Amy.

One night in March, Vince came over to the house for dinner. After supper, we were sharing with him that our family was going to be leading the service at Water Angels on Easter. We asked him, "Is there something we could do to make it a special day for the homeless?"

Without hesitating, Vince replied eagerly, "Have an Easter Egg hunt!"

"For the adults?" came my doubtful reply.

"Oh, yes! They would love it, and it would make them feel like a kid again!"

Really? Really.

The following Sunday, Wendy approached me at our church asking for something the kids at Fellowship Bible could do for missions. Still unsure of the idea, I suggested helping make this Easter Egg Hunt for the homeless adults happen. I envisioned every person finding about five eggs. I've found that my expectations of the Lord are far too small!

Do you know that our little church provided 3,000 stuffed Easter Eggs? Every egg was filled with candy, scriptures, and even some nickels! It was amazing walking out of the service to find the ground covered with colorful eggs! What a transformation!

Leaving the service, everyone was handed a bag to fill with eggs. (Thank you Carbaugh family for even making the bags special!) Vince knew the hearts well, because everyone really became childlike for a while searching for the eggs! For a few moments, all seemed to forget their troubles and enjoyed being a kid again!

The HUNT - well, not really - The EGG PICK-UP IS ON!

Finally, Franklin made the day memorable for these folks! I laughed hysterically when I realized these three were using sticks to retrieve the eggs Franklin had placed on the roof! Hilarious! Everyone loved finding the eggs and filling a bag with goodies! I pray the scriptures will encourage them for weeks to come.

"Go, stand in the temple courts," he said, "and tell the people the full message of this new life."
Acts 5:20

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