Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God's Chosen Generation Is Now

This is one of the days that I rejoice in being a mother to incredible children. Mason, our oldest son, thirteen years old, has started a blog. His desire is to provide a place of encouragement for today's youth and ask them to rise up.

What has Mason titled his blog? God's Chosen Generation

Why did Mason start it? Here's his first post which contains the answer.

What is this? That is a very good question. I am still figuring that out myself. Lately I have really been awakened to God and the reality of another world. One thing I have struggled with though is that I haven't had much Godly encouragement from my peers. I want this blog to be a place where Godly encouragement can be found, but also to call up this generations youth.

As I read his post from today, I couldn't believe the challenge that my thirteen year old placed before me! Arise! Arise!


The McBrides said...

brings tears... Oh, how we pray as Mothers that our children's heart would be romanced by the FATHER! God is using Mason... it is amazing...

Kristy said...

It's awesome Robin! I just read it all....he certainly has a gift! God is so good to honor our faithfulness and what way more rewarding than through our children?! GOOD STUFF!

Jessica said...

that mason. thank you lord for his heart!