Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our God, A Mighty Warrior

Friends, our apologies for the massive absence from our blog.  There are plenty of excuses we could list, but most would appear unbelievable to people who have never lived in a 3rd world country.  We truly have been overwhelmed, and it there has not been time to write.

Our God is moving and He is doing great things.  We praise Him for everything.  However, we have been facing some challenges that have also been distracting.  At times, I find it hard to consolidate my thoughts into anything that makes sense.  Tonight, for the first time, Victoria Vazquez will be sharing her experiences from her first 13 days in Ghana.  She will be living with our family through the end of April.  We rejoice Victoria is with us, and look forward to everything God will do in her life while she is here.  Victoria, the Beebe family welcomes you to the "adventure of missions." 

Guest Blogger:  Victoria Vazquez, age 17 years

I have restarted this post so many times. I do not have words for the emotions overwhelming me and the thoughts racing through my mind. I simply let the Lord write my words and pray that He is glorified in this post. Today is Day 13 of my stay in Ghana, and I shall rewrite the devotion for this day given to be by a dear friend:
Many times in life we try to fight our own fights and try to win with our own power. But all Christ asks of us is to be still. Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." If we just trust in Him and be still, He will provide.

As followers of Christ, we are always in a battle because Satan constantly attacks us. Here in Ghana the battle is exposed because there is no American dream to mask it. I have been a witness to people's battles with poverty, injustice, and starvation. The hurt and pain these people undergo everyday is devastating.

Today I went with some cadets for their practice, as they will be in an Independence Day parade Thursday. I boarded a school bus, which is a giant van, and went into a town with these kids. Since I am white, many school children flocked me the entire time; however, this is normal. There was one girl who constantly kept asking me for food. There was also her sister with a case of Down Syndrome who was running around with only a raggedy shirt to wear. As I asked, it came to my knowledge that these girls' parents could not afford to send them to school and they were both very hungry. When the little girl saw the bus leaving and realized we could not give her any food, her little face cried and cried. The boy, who was with my school, whom had translated for me told me his story as well. He had a younger brother, but their mother could only afford to send one of them to school (him). His father had died and now he had a stepdad who came home angry and would harm them... As I write this, my heart breaks; is this reality? However, God is taking care of them and I will be used by Him to love and help as many children as possible in my time here on Earth.

Previously, I had partaken in Feeding the Orphans food deliveries to families. One place we went to deliver food was built on trash and sewage.... Human beings lived in this filthy place... However, it was beautiful to see the hope some of these people had. Christ was their hope!

There was also a little boy that we visited in the hospital who was suffering from kidney failure. He was found alone in the hospital and had to be transferred to the best hospital in Ghana or would have died. I praise God because He is the greatest Healer of all who are taking care of Emmanuel (the little boy). I was able to visit him in this new hospital and was shocked. The best hospital in Ghana looked like a hospital in America from the 1920's. There was no sense of hygiene, personal space, running water, or even up-to-date procedures/instruments. I questioned how anyone could possible receive care in a place like that... Then I had to take a trip to the hospital.

Last Friday night, I was bit by a two-headed baby snake. I didn't think much of it until my leg started going numb. Long story short, I ended up at the best hospital in Tema. I praise God because I was able to bypass protocol, aka the 3 hours of waiting, since Godwin's wife Lenusia was a doctor and she was with me. As I was being rushed to the hospital and my leg was going numb, I had a peace, but when we went into the hospital and I was given an IV, terror overwhelmed me. I was surrounded by very sick people in a third world country in a very run down hospital... This time the lack of hygiene, personal space, or up-to-date instruments was affecting me! I sat in a plastic chair with bugs falling from the ceiling watching the nurse open my anti-venom with rusty scissors, and I wondered when the last time she washed her hands was (the hospital had no water), but God showed me: This is why I was to serve medically. This was why I was to go into medical missions. WOW. So at that moment, He gave me a peace because he was giving me a patient's perspective in a third world country. This was the perspective I needed to ignite my passion to serve medically in third world countries and share the gospel that way.

Less than 24 hours after this snake bite, I was in my second wreck in Ghana. We were rear-ended by a tro-tro (a large van that carries people for a small price, like a public bus). Through this experience, it has appeared that the Ghanaian government is very corrupt. Officials have been previously bribed to side any which way, even if a person's driving harmed someone else. Foreigners, especially white ones, seem to be targeted and are thought to be very rich. I do not see a sense of justice, but is that not why God is just? He fights for us, we need only to be still. Thank goodness!!! The one who created the Heavens and the Earth is fighting for me, what can stand against that? Nothing.

So what has all this taught me? Well one, that God is protecting me. That wreck could've been so much worse. The hit should've caused the back glass to shatter and that would've harmed many of us. That hit should've also injured many on the over packed tro-tro. I have also learned that God is bigger than any fear. My biggest fears involve getting bit by something and having to go to the hospital. They also involve getting in car wrecks... Funny how both of those things happened in less than 24 hours. God has brought me to a deep dependence in Him. He is my everything and He is all I want now. He is my very best friend.

In Ghana, I have been overwhelmed with the contrast from here to America. Kids are eager to learn here! Many do not have the opportunity to go to school, and in America many take school for granted... Many take family, food, clothes, and lodging for granted... Most of all, there is no strong motivation to GO and serve and help the least of these. My passion to serve has grown and not only do I depend on God to take care of the many I meet here, but I depend on Him to protect and fight for me. He is the lover of my soul and He is enough for me.

I do not understand what God is doing in me. I feel unworthy to be here, but I trust Him. He is doing something great in me and I pray that He is using me. He brought me here for a reason, and He is in control!

"And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ." - Philippians 1:6