Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Dressed Up with a Place To Go

Dear Long Lost Friends and Family,
Please do not have a heart attack, but I have actually posted on my blog! Enjoy these latest pictures! I miss you all! I doubt anyone is checking this blog anymore b/c of my long absence. However, if you are still checking in, please leave me a comment. It will help motivate me to write! I hope all is well with everyone!
On Oct. 31, we had a place to go. It was the night of the annual Outreach at the A-Team Headquarters. I wasn't sure how to dress up. Therefore, I created my own character with some of what we had at home. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tacky Woman 2008!"
The boys with their friends. Jimmy Hendrix, Cinderella, and a UPS driver all smiled for the camera!

Oh my goodness! That's some BIG HAIR, Dude! Maam, you have some big hair and some big lips! Oh, my!

Beautiful girls at the Outreach!
Our youth group got together to host an Outreach event in a local neighborhood. We had lots of games, popcorn, cotton candy, and goodies for the kids.

Each family tried to come up with something creative to do with the trick-or-treaters who stopped by. I decided to share the gospel message with the pumpkin.

Although my outfit was a little frightening, the children loved hearing the "story." In fact, when I finished sharing with one little girl, her sister walked up. I wasn't going to tell it again, but she looked up at me at stated, "You need to tell it again. My sister hasn't heard it!" At this point, her mother was standing behind her listening intently! It was very cool!
(Here's a link for the Pumpkin Parable we shared with the kids last year.)

Bobbing for apples with dry ice smoke!
My friend Rhonda surprised us and showed up to share the evening!
Best buddies!
Okay, this picture totally cracks me up! People called me a "floozy," and said I looked like a fortune teller. I was "Tacky Woman," I tell ya! Cindy convinced me to go home with her to the little house on the prairie!
Two Norks - Nerds + Dorks
The Gangsta' Girls! (I'm looking forward to reading their articles in the TC newspaper!)

Letter Sweater Mama with Cleopatra Daughter!

Ummm...I'm not sure who she is....Tacky Woman, maybe? Oh, my!

A Cheeto! With orange eyeshadow! It ain't easy bein' cheesy!
What an adorable Pirate - Ahoy there, Matey!
That wierd Tacky Woman and her son!
The Detective and the Army Dude!
Happy Hippy!
It's a cowboy! No, wait. It's a sherriff!
Football Mania!

We really missed son #2 tonight. He's away on a special weekend with his Dad! I hope he's catching lots of fish!

If you want to take a walk down memory lane, here a few pics from last year!