Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tuckaleechee Caverns

Last week we headed up to Townsend, TN to Tuckaleechee Caverns. This is one amazing cave! One of the largest to be explored. The boys even got to drink from the running creek found inside the cave. They loved it!

After Tuckaleechee Caverns, we decided to make the most of our time in Townsend. Colby Grace and Franklin had this adorable picture taken at the Smokey Mtn. Heritage Center. We enjoyed touring the old cabins on the premises, and learning more about the history of our region.

It was a FULL day that culminated with some time playing in the mountain creeks with cousins! Everyone learned a lot, and enjoyed being together!

Today was a great reminder of some of the simple joys that come with home schooling! I am thankful we could enjoy today God's classroom!

Braden Thinks It Is Getting Colder

In Braden's mind the weather is turning cooler. Actually, he is right b/c the temperature has dropped below 70 degrees over the past week. (Yes, it is October!)

However, I cracked up when I went outside to find him riding his bike - IN HIS SNOW BOOTS! Sorry, Braden it's not quite that cold.

After I snapped a few shots of him, Braden wanted to take one of me. Here is my BUBBLEFACE and my SILLYFACE!

My motto:

Life's too short to be serious all the time. :)

Be a little silly sometimes! Although you may look unattractive in a picture - the kids LOVE it! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Praying for You

We were so blessed to have Andrew with us for the week. The boys all enjoyed each other soooo much!

The highlight was the TobyMac concert. Thankfully, Reid volunteered for the chaperoning of that one! According to Reid, it was LOUD!

It was a blessing to have him with us! He is always so sweet.

He actually made a Staff while he was here and burned Phil. 4:13 onto the side of it. Very cool!

We are faithfully praying for their entire family as David continues his fervent battle with cancer. Their faith is strong and unwavering. Anita, I hope God is providing "Streams In The Desert" for you. It was nice to have some visiting time with you for the "ride exchange."

Mom, I Need Some Gasoline

Today Braden had a boo-boo on his arm. We usually put Neosporin on such injuries. :) Braden announced with authority, "Mom, I need some gasoline." (vaseline)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stock Market Quote

Tonight Mason and Franklin were choosing their stocks for the Stock Market Game. They had to go online and research the stocks. Part of looking at the different companies was finding their ticker symbol used on the NYSE.

They get $100,000 to invest. (Imaginary money - oh, well!) They compete against teams nationwide to see who will get the highest return from their choices.

Of course, this is very new to all of us. The terms will take some time to learn. Tonight while Franklin was looking up his company, he said, "Mom the tickle symbol is BBY."

Now, that comment tickled me! Ha-ha!

PS - As of today 10-16-07, their Stock Market Team is placed 16 out of 102 team in East Tennessee!! Wow!!

PS - On 11-2-07, their Stock Market Team has moved into 4th place. However, now there are 134 teams competing. 4th out of 134!! Whoa!! I wish they had invested money for us!

PS - On 11-19-07, their Stock Market Team was in 46th place. Whew! Glad they didn't invest for us!

Making the Sun Memorable and The Earth Edible

Since I am aspiring to be awarded "Home School MOM of the Year," I thought I would share my most recent creative teaching! (Ha!)

The kids spent Thursday afternoon building the Sun out of Playdough. The Core, Convective Zone and Radiative Zone were all represented. Then they made a surface model with the Corona, Photosphere, and Sunspots. They had a BLAST!

And then, thanks to Jake, we got even more creative! We decided to make a model of the Earth - OUT OF COOKIE DOUGH! It was ooey-gooey and SO MUCH FUN!

For those of you who don't mind getting messy, here's the recipe:

Inner Core = Sugar cookie dough

Outer Core = Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
Mantle = Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Crust = Roll the cookie in SUGAR
Slice the cookie ball with dental floss and the layers are all visible. The kids had a BALL - literally!!
WARNING: Do NOT attempt this at home - unless you have another adult FRIEND with you! This would not have been possible - or any fun - without Rhonda! She doesn't mind getting messy! She has enjoyed all these Science activities more than the kids!

Family Life Group

It's been so exciting this year to try something NEW! We are in a FAMILY Life Group. So, our children participate with us!

So far, I love it. It has been so neat to teach our children as we are learning ourselves.

Typically, we share a meal together, have a Bible lesson with a game or activity, and playtime for the kids while the adults get to talk. Reid and Brandon have done a great job of being creative with the children. Yes, the kids out-number the adults 11 to 6. And, when the Smith famiy joins us they will out-number us 15 to 8. Craziness is part of the FUN!

We are excited about our upcoming year with the Swobodas and Trindles! You are a BLESSING!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thanks For Telling Me

Precious Franklin - you are always sooo creative! Thank you for once again telling me "You Love Me."
You used the Wood Burner to burn it into a piece of wood!
Your words are such an encouragement on dry days!
I love you too! Forever!

Ansley's Birthday - With you in Spirit

K & A - How I wanted to be with you today as well. It was such a blessing to me to know that although we were not all together to celebrate Ansley's birthday...we were all doing it in a way that celebrated who she was and the things she loved...

Scrapbooking and Africa! I prayed for you throughout the day as God brought you to mind. I am thankful you were together at "Scrap Pink!" Please know that in my heart I was celebrating with you as well. I love you both!

Happy Birthday Ansley - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13