Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Dollar A Day?

Today I had the great privilege to spend the day with Amanda Walton.  Reid and I met Amanda last year while taking the Perspectives course on World missions.   Soon after the course ended she sold everything and moved to Kenya to live in an orphanage for a year.  Today she shared with us.  Her experiences, her heart growth, her advice, her joy, and her life calling today - now that she is back home.  Amanda's maturity surpasses most people I know though she is much younger.  She truly follows the Lord's leading and glorifies him in it. 

While Amanda was living in Kenya, she spent one week living on one dollar per day.  Yes, one dollar per day.  Because I will do injustice to her journey if I try to explain it, I'll share the video she made.  It's very thought provoking and challenging.  I wanted to live differently after watching it.

A Dollar A Day Challenge

This morning Reid preached on Matthew 15.  One thing he said struck me.  There are many other religions doing good things - feeding the poor, caring for orphans and widows, drilling wells, etc...  So if we, as Christians, are doing these "good things" but not in the name of Jesus then it is all in vain.  In vain.  May the works of our hands proclaim his name to the nations.  May His love shine through in all that is done.  May people come to know Christ through the love they have been shown as they have heard the gospel of Christ.

One organization that we know of  is striving to do all in the name of Christ.  FEEDING THE ORPHANS  Check it out if you would like to help.  There are so many ways to give others the love of Christ in the name of Christ. 

“‘These people honor me with their lips,
   but their hearts are far from me.  
They worship me in vain;
   their teachings are merely human rules.’” 
Matthew 15:8-9

The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.  Proverbs 29:7