Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's late...I should go to bed...I should BE in bed!

I feel like writing though.

It's been a good week, and it's been a strange week. Nothing bad has happened, but part of me just feels weird. I think I'm just missing Ansley.

Sometimes, I think it's a little easier, but then something "triggers" all of the emotions. Today, I was reading a new book "The Allure of Hope." In Chapter One there was an story of a woman battling cancer and in her cancer-ridden state, full of pain and suffering, she could say, "To be consumed with God is my focus."

Yes. That was Ansley.

It made me remember.

My birthday just a couple of days away. It makes me happy to think of all the fun birthday memories I have had with Ansley and Amy. Such laughter with friends! Silliness and hilarious memories. When was the last time I laughed like that? Do I still laugh like that? Can I?

Yes. I know I can. Sometimes it is hard to still find the laughter in life though. I'm still hurting. Life just seems so...different.

Just being honest.

Sometimes the hurt is bigger than others. Tonight it's bigger. Not all-consuming as some days have been, but the pain of my loss tonight has a heaviness in it.

Tonight I read a quote from Helen Keller. After reading her biography a few years ago, I truly have an appreciation for the way she triumphed over challenges in life. She said,

"With every friend I love who has been taken into the brown bosom of the earth a part of me has been buried there; but their contribution to my being of happiness, strength and understanding remains to sustain me in an altered world." - Helen Keller

Ansley's "contribution to my being" remains with me. And, I do now live in an "altered world." My friend - the compassionate, passionate, preaching encourager - is no longer here. And, I am truly very happy for her. Very happy.

It's just going to take me some time to figure out my own living in this new world without Ansley. Every marked occasion - birthdays, holidays, (Mother's Day filled my mind with thoughts for Colby and Gray) big life events, etc... will be different for me whether others know it or not.

I am thankful for the time I had with Ansley. For those of you out there with close friends; do not ever take for granted the gift you have been given. It is priceless. Cherish it while you have it. And, make strong memories. I have found too, that the memories are priceless as well.

Amy, these are for you - I know you remember too...

Thanks for the memories...I am so blessed to have them! And...I know the "Missions Mrs." is doing cartwheels in heaven right now - That's Ansley.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cleaning your plate - It's in the Bible!

God has such a sense of humor!

Over the past few weeks, we have really noticed that our boys are "picky" eaters. Actually, I never would have said that before, but with Reid drinking everything through a straw...well, complaining about the flavor of a bagel is just a little obvious!

Setting a meal before one of the boys, and having him turn his nose up or suddenly announce, "I'm not hungry." Well, it has just gotten under my skin a wee-bit!

One morning the boys sit down for breakfast before school. I serve them all bagels with cream cheese. One of the boys - who shall remain nameless - says, "I don't like this kind of bagel. I wanted blueberry."

As the hair on my neck is standing up, I restrain my response. Through clenched teeth I say, "Excuse me...what did I just hear you say?"

To which my sweet and very smart child replies with a defeated tone, "Oh, never mind."

And, he eats his healthy whole wheat bagel...

That morning, I am reading through Luke 10. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read about Jesus sending out the 70. Jesus commands them to "eat what they are given" and to "eat what is set before them." He even tells them TWICE to do so! (Luke 10:7&8) Wow! (Score one for Mom!)

Isn't that hilarious?! I even wrote the name of my blueberry-bagel-loving son beside the passage! :) It really was funny!

Yesterday, before the boys left for school, I shared with them the "really cool" passage I had found. I don't think I will hear any complaining any time soon.

At least now when I say, "Eat what you are given." I can quickly add, "Because Jesus says so!"

Wonderful Watermelon

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they eat their watermelon! Enjoy the pics from the Reunion on May 12th, and the little poem I wrote to go with them! Hee-hee!

Some eat it messy

Some eat it neat

But, watermelon is always -

Good to eat!Some take little bites

Some take really BIG

Some spit their seeds

And do a little JIG!

Some like big pieces

Some like them small

But nearly always -

They eat it all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy 83rd Birthday Granny!

All the southern fixin's on the table!

Food and family!
Papaw just chillin' out. Karen's grandaughter.
Braden and Camden
Colby Grace and Kessler
Reid and the guys - relaxing (and a little snoozing) under the trees!
Weston just having fun!
Sam just enjoying the day!
Braden riding all around on his bike!
Granny and her boyfriend, Elvin. It was sweet to see them together. Kelly - all smiles!
Me and my Honey - yes, he brought his own liquid lunch! But, he still wears his smile! That's my sweetheart!
Granny, Mom and Joy
Billy and DeAnne
Vicky and Granny
Kenny and Joy Karen and her family.
Granny with the whole "Gang." All of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren from Mom and Dad.
Mom planned the FIRST EVER Family Reunion for her side of the family. We all met at Henry Horton State Park and enjoyed a day together. The celebration was last Saturday, May 12th, but I am a little behind on my blogging.
The day was complete with lots of good food and a big game of kickball!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reid's LIQUID Dinner - Yummy!

Reid has greatly enjoyed the VITA-MIX blender our sweet friends let us borrow. He has created some unusual concoctions, but tonight on the menu...LIQUID Sauteed Spinach! Yummy!

I thought you might enjoy seeing our "dinner process."

1.) Reid blends his meal in the VITA-MIX - whatever he is in the mood to have for dinner.
2.) Reid creates this incredibly disgusting looking drink. On a side note, we have found that the chicken enchiladas look like a vanilla milkshake. :)
3.) Reid pours his meal into a cup to drink it. Doesn't it look tasty?
4.) Reid drinks his tasty and visually appealing drink!
5.) After his first "swig" of spinach - Reid shows us his GREEN TEETH! (I am about to be sick just looking at this picture now! Ugh!)
6.) Reid offers all of us a taste of his supper.
7.) The five of us try to keep from puking at the table. (Oh, it's bad!) Franklin even tries to cover his face with his knees! The boys have been daring on some nights and tried Reid's LIQUID meal. However, tonight this was definitely NOT the case!

Reid went to the doctor today. He will be wearing his "metal braces" for the full six weeks. He was a little disappointed. However, the good news is that he can now take the bands off to eat. He is moving from a LIQUID diet to a VERY VERY SOFT diet! That is a praise!