Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is Reid losing weight?

Remember the movie-documentary "Super Size Me?" Well, Reid is quickly becoming the poster boy for "Skinny Size Me."

Reid has shed a few - well, really more than a few pounds with this liquid diet. I thought you would all enjoy seeing a "before his jaw was wired shut" picture of Reid and a "current" photo taken on Saturday. Quite a contrast in less than 3 weeks!
He is in his last belt notch and his cheeks are much thinner. However, he is just as handsome to me! Of course! Hee - hee!
Tonight's Menu: LIQUID Meatloaf, LIQUID Corn, and LIQUID Spinach...Mmmmmm Good!
For my Lane Bryant friends out there - yes, you know who you are - you need to know what Franklin said to me on Friday...
We were talking about how much weight Reid is losing... and how his clothes just hang on him... and how thin he looks...
Franklin looked at me and seriously said, "Mom, YOU need to get your jaw wired shut!"
Oh, the honesty of children! Gotta love it!

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