Saturday, May 5, 2007

Get Well Soon

So many of you have asked - so here it is!

This is Reid Wed. morning at 5:30 am before heading in for surgery. Just a little swollen...

This is Reid when he returned home from the hospital and was still loaded with "happy juice!" Swollen and wired shut!

These were taken last Wed. when we came home from the hospital. The boys had decorated the living room with lots of Get Well signs. Precious!
After Reid saw the pictures, Braden came home. He said, "Dad, did you get braces???"
Reid answered, "Yes, kind of."
Braden said, "I want a broken jaw so I can have braces too!"
Reid quickly said, "Oh, don't."
Sorry for not getting these up sooner, but we have been a little overwhelmed!

Reid has enjoyed all of the shakes, smoothies, etc... that you have all been so generous to provide for him. It has been a blessing! Margaret - he is loving the Mocha Java!

However, you will all be pleased to know that Reid has enhanced his eating with LIQUID Barbeque, LIQUID Chicken Enchiladas, LIQUID Hamburgers, LIQUID Spaghetti, and anything else that you would never imagine eating in LIQUID form - REID IS ENJOYING!


Amy said...

My favorite is Pastor Beebe on happy juice! Wow, that is a memory for the scrapbooks! Get well soon!

Ross said...

Reid, you look pretty good for what you've been through. That one picture made me think of 'Jaws' from the James Bond movie.
Robin - we're enjoying the blog.

TedTracie said...

I heard that he even put a cheeseburger in the blender... OH MY!!! I don't know if I want to say "Good for him!" or "Bless his heart!!!!"

TedTracie said...

DUH... you said that in your post... Sorry... So, he did have the liquid burger. I think Ted had heard that and shared it with me. WOWSERS!