Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cleaning your plate - It's in the Bible!

God has such a sense of humor!

Over the past few weeks, we have really noticed that our boys are "picky" eaters. Actually, I never would have said that before, but with Reid drinking everything through a straw...well, complaining about the flavor of a bagel is just a little obvious!

Setting a meal before one of the boys, and having him turn his nose up or suddenly announce, "I'm not hungry." Well, it has just gotten under my skin a wee-bit!

One morning the boys sit down for breakfast before school. I serve them all bagels with cream cheese. One of the boys - who shall remain nameless - says, "I don't like this kind of bagel. I wanted blueberry."

As the hair on my neck is standing up, I restrain my response. Through clenched teeth I say, "Excuse me...what did I just hear you say?"

To which my sweet and very smart child replies with a defeated tone, "Oh, never mind."

And, he eats his healthy whole wheat bagel...

That morning, I am reading through Luke 10. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read about Jesus sending out the 70. Jesus commands them to "eat what they are given" and to "eat what is set before them." He even tells them TWICE to do so! (Luke 10:7&8) Wow! (Score one for Mom!)

Isn't that hilarious?! I even wrote the name of my blueberry-bagel-loving son beside the passage! :) It really was funny!

Yesterday, before the boys left for school, I shared with them the "really cool" passage I had found. I don't think I will hear any complaining any time soon.

At least now when I say, "Eat what you are given." I can quickly add, "Because Jesus says so!"

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