Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reid's LIQUID Dinner - Yummy!

Reid has greatly enjoyed the VITA-MIX blender our sweet friends let us borrow. He has created some unusual concoctions, but tonight on the menu...LIQUID Sauteed Spinach! Yummy!

I thought you might enjoy seeing our "dinner process."

1.) Reid blends his meal in the VITA-MIX - whatever he is in the mood to have for dinner.
2.) Reid creates this incredibly disgusting looking drink. On a side note, we have found that the chicken enchiladas look like a vanilla milkshake. :)
3.) Reid pours his meal into a cup to drink it. Doesn't it look tasty?
4.) Reid drinks his tasty and visually appealing drink!
5.) After his first "swig" of spinach - Reid shows us his GREEN TEETH! (I am about to be sick just looking at this picture now! Ugh!)
6.) Reid offers all of us a taste of his supper.
7.) The five of us try to keep from puking at the table. (Oh, it's bad!) Franklin even tries to cover his face with his knees! The boys have been daring on some nights and tried Reid's LIQUID meal. However, tonight this was definitely NOT the case!

Reid went to the doctor today. He will be wearing his "metal braces" for the full six weeks. He was a little disappointed. However, the good news is that he can now take the bands off to eat. He is moving from a LIQUID diet to a VERY VERY SOFT diet! That is a praise!


Laura said...

Oh, the things some people will do just to get attention! But seriously, I hope Reid's feeling better and eating better. Tell him to stop trying to be a hero by blending spinach--make a real milkshake and throw in some protein or soy powder. (I think I would actually gain weight if my mouth were wired shut!)

Hope you guys are doing well!

Under the Raisner Roof... said...

Reid, Ansley would be proud of you! Juicing and all! Did you put some swiss chard in your spinach drink! You should try it! Reid does look thinner-maybe I could try his method for losing weight! I am sure I could put Krispy Kreme in a blender, along with some milk? Kidding...I would rather be fat than have that kind of pain! Miss you all. Looking forward to Robin being older than for again!