Thursday, May 17, 2007


Last Thursday, the boys got to take their first "dip in the water" for summer. We headed out to Kelly's and the boys all had a BLAST playin gin the water! The water was FREEZING, but it did not bother the boys at all! Franklin showing out on the diving board!

Stacking up the hands to be sure they all agree on the "rules" for Marco-Polo. Kelly was soooo sweet! Somehow, I conveniently forgot my bathing suit...Hmmm...I am sure it was because I knew I would be holding the camera! Anyway, Kelly got in the water and let Braden "jump" to her. He loved it! He was skiddish at first, but after a few jumps he was back to his brave, daring self!

Weston was all smiles! He had so much fun!Mason enjoyed being the oldest one there because that made him "in charge." He organized all the games & was fast to tell the little ones what they needed to be doing! do you think he gets that from his mother?
Franklin enjoyed his sour - actually very sour - apple popsicle! Yep, when there are popsicles you know it's summertime!

The Buzz-cut Beebe Brothers!
Out great day ended with a mean game of kickball! Zach and Eli are just as competitive as our boys! They are fast!
The Beebe boys are READY FOR SUMMER - BRING IT ON!

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