Friday, May 11, 2007

BUZZ-CUT Day at the Beebe House

It was BUZZ-CUT day at the Beebe house. It's time for those traditional short summer haircuts, and time for our typical silliness! Honestly, Franklin was not happy with my reverse-mohawk, but there is PEACE in the house now.
No, the boys did not keep their reverse-mohawks as they have done in the past. (I guess they are growing up.) Mason, Franklin and Weston all sported nice SHORT BUZZ-CUTS!
No, I DID NOT give Braden a BUZZ-CUT. Aren't you proud of me? He actually has a few curls sprouting on his noggin! However, the other three boys are ready for summer! Bring it on!


TedTracie said...

PRECIOUS! I must tell you now I have to REALLY look at their faces when I am talking to them to tell which one is which. But that's ok... I will get to know them better this way!
Let's get together soon!

Amy said...

Robin, the boys look great! I must say, Franklin looks like a little old man with that reverse mohawk. Miss you here in High Point....

Collins said...

Can't wait to see these buzz cuts in person at WD in July! Also looking forward to seeing your curly headed angel! Love, collins