Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Question From a Twelve Year Old

Omar and Lamar are spending the weekend with us. They haven't been with us in a few weeks, and I've enjoyed listening to them play outside. Bike riding and shooting hoops have been constant!

Last night, Reid led our family devotion and read scriptures about Jesus' death on the cross. The passages he read led into a discussion about Easter. Omar asked Reid, "Where does Easter come from? Why do we celebrate it?"

My amazing husband gave an eloquent presentation of the true meaning of Easter and why he read the passage he chose; because Good Friday represents the day Jesus hung on the cross to pay for our sins. We receive the gift through His death of being saved. He then spoke of Jesus' resurrection and the empty tomb we celebrate Easter morning.

Omar then asked a direct and pointed question, "If Easter is about Jesus being raised from the dead, then why does it seem like it's about Easter egg hunts and a big bunny?"

Stop...for a...moment...and think...about...that...

This question from a twelve year old boy who did not really understand the meaning of Easter. His question has been on my heart since last night, and I can not shake it.

Last night, we talked to all the boys about the basis for our faith. Why we need Jesus. Why it's imperative to understand what Jesus willingly gave up for us. Why we celebrate the empty tomb!

The egg hunts, bunnies, etc... are not wrong in and of themselves. I'm left to wonder though, if these things are offered with the true testimony of Easter. Wondering...

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