Friday, April 9, 2010

Family Time!

We finally arrived at our family Easter celebration about 5:00 pm. Sadly, my grandmother and other family members had already left, but the immediate family stuck around until we came. What blessing to end our day at my parents home. This is our family Easter picture 2010!
By reading the next few posts, it's easy to assume that our family does lots of Easter egg hunts. However, this was the first one for the kids specifically to participate in. All of the cousins had patiently waited until we rolled in for the family egg hunt. Mom supplied all of the kids with baskets, and they raced out the door once the eggs were hidden.

After the egg hunt ended, I went into the house and found a basket with a handle filled with trash. As I was looking at the pictures, I realized what happened. Evidently Franklin thought if he had a LARGE WASTEBASKET he would be able to fill it with more eggs than a regular Easter basket! Boys will be boys! Yes, this was a wastebasket from the bathroom! Ugh! Where do they come up with things like this???
Many years ago, my parents started the tradition of hiding loose change in the eggs for our annual Easter Egg hunt. I think my sisters and I were in high school at the time, and losing our fervor to find Easter eggs stuffed with candy. But money? Well, that's another story! In fact, all of the married couples participated until the children were born. Can't you picture Reid and I hunting for eggs after we were married? Too funny!
Now, we all bring the eggs filled with loose change. Prize Eggs contain $1 - $5. Braden was the big winner this year. He came home with $8.54! Below the cousins are counting their loot!

Usually, Dad hides an egg in his pocket, under his hat, tucked in his sock, etc... but this year... Dad decided to see which grandchild would be willing to stick an egg covered in saliva into their basket. Of course, it was one of our boys: Braden! As he was counting his eggs, he picked up this pick egg and stated, "Mom, this is the one Papaw had in his mouth!" Gross!
A cousin game of kickball captivates everyone! Eleven boys and Colby Grace - Twelve including Mathiang! Colby is such a great sport with all of her male cousins!

Few things are better than peaceful conversation on the porch and in the sunshine! What a special Resurrection Day! So many wonderful memories!

God's beautiful ending to this glorious day of celebration!
Our God is great!

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