Thursday, April 1, 2010

All in the Reflection

It's creepy looking at these pictures! On Tuesday, we went to the AMSE museum in Oak Ridge. These photos were taken in front of the magic mirror.

Braden came home with a FREE set of magnets because he busted his head open while we were there. He fell back on a railing and was a bloody mess by the time he got to me. Dabbing it with a cloth helped the blood to clot and caused the bleeding to subside. Thankfully! The magnets from the gift shop pleased him tremendously!

Sneaking a soda. Trying to conceal it so I wouldn't have to purchase one for each of the boys.
It's not a complete trip to Knoxville until you have experienced the Atom Smasher. Megan, Sara, and Rebecca all found it to be a hair-raising experience. Go girls!

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