Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick 1, Sick 2, Sick 3

Well, whaddya know?!? It's actually a BLOG POST from HILLBILLY ROCKIN ROBIN! I even posted a new pic at the top of the blog - from M's 11th b-day at the beginning this year!

Actually, the POST is my way of asking for prayer for me - currently a VERY, VERY tired Mom! Right now, three of our four are sick. B-Day 8, W - Day 3, F- Day 2! Two have the flu and one has a stomach virus! Arghhh!

When only two were ill with the flu, I was touting the mantra, "The boys only have a fever... I would always rather have a fever than someone throwing up. God is so good."

I bet God was laughing at me, as I was patting F's back while he was puking into the toilet last night! I thought I'd pass out from trying not to breath the stench! Whew! My honey was gone to a banquet, so the joyous job of clean-up fell to me. Oh, the joy of motherhood!

Quite honestly, part of this has been a JOY b/c the boys want to be held and close to their "mama." That is happening less and less frequently as they get older. I need to appreciate it when it does happen. Additionally, having sick ones has kept me at home! I am thankful to be forced to slow down!

My favorite quote thus far in this bout of sickness was from B today. In his innocent four year old way, he said, "Moooommmm, (envision the whiny tone) since I'm sick and I have a fever (we had just taken it and found it had returned!) Can I play the video game?"

Okay, wear me down..."Sure you can, Buddy!"

Thanks for praying - your prayers are appreciated! Hopefully, I will be able to BLOG more often...I'll post as I am able! I have lots of pics to share and stories to's just tough to find the time to do it! Thanks for understanding!

Thanks for checking on us! Love to you all!

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pattis1234 said...

Yes, Mrs. Beebe...This is Mary from TJ Maxx...we still have this underwear "issue" that we need to resolve. Please call me at your earliest convenience. And please don't try to implicate sweet, honest, gentle Mrs. Salvador anymore. We are convinced of her innocence. Talk about a godly woman!