Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Showing the Halls Kanoxville's Masterpiece

Margaret, Jane McKenzie, and Ella came for a visit a few weeks ago, and we really wanted to spend the day seeing significant sights in Knoxville. There are not many, but... ALL area tour guides know that if you are showing someone around Knoxville, there is one thing that is an ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE!

Knoxville's famous Sunsphere from the 1982 World's Fair. It is an ENORMOUS sky-scraper that reaches into the sky. I think it must be about 5 stories tall! (No, I am not kidding!) Some have said it resembles a "disco-ball in the sky." (Yes, I agree!)

After parking in a tow-away zone, I raced up the elevator to meet everyone at the top. (Actually, I inched up the elevator b/c it travels the speed of elevators from 1982! Yes, really!)

When I got to the top, Margaret was laughing hysterically. The entire perimeter of the Sunsphere is windows so you can see the skyline of Knoxville. However, none of the kids would leave the interior wall b/c you can feel the Sunsphere sway a bit as the wind blows. (Remember it was built in 1982!) The kids seemed scared to death that the big ball might topple over if their weight did not stay in the center! Too funny! Margaret and the girls got a little daring and let me snap a picture in front of the windows! You are SOOOOO BRAVE! (Sorry the picture is so dark!)

We laughed as we walked all the way around the top of the ball. I think the stroll took about 4 minutes! It was fun to travel to the top of the greatest sight in Knoxville with the Halls! Now they can tell all their friends about the cool disco ball in the sky!

Just to show you that I know the history of our great city, I should tell you that I traveled to the top of the Sunsphere the year it was built. Our family had Season Passes to the 1982 World's Fair. How neat to be doing something with my children that I did as a child!

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