Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Visit with Cindy and Aubrey Clair

On January 20th, we were so excited to see our sweet friends from High Point, Cindy and Aubrey Clair. They came and spent the night with us b/c Aubrey Clair was competing in her first gymnastics meet here in Knoxville. Can you see her talent in this picture? What about the boys' gymnastic ability?!? Weston is touching his toes, and Mason is doing a floor exercise. I'm not sure what Braden and Franklin are doing - probably showing their talent to appear on American Gladiators...
Evidently God ordained the time for her visit, because it was the day after our friend, David P. left this Earth to be with the Lord. Cindy shared with me much of what God had done during the last days of his life. Her husband was with David for the final hours. It was wonderful to be able to laugh and cry together for the life of our dear friend. I enjoyed our visit so much!

One thing I witnessed for the first time is the hairstyling that takes place before a gymnastics meet! Cindy rolled up Aubrey's hair in those little pink foam rollers. (I haven't seen those since I was a little girl!) It took quite a while to prepare her hair.

The entire time I watched Cindy fix Aubrey's hair, I was wondering to myself, "Could I ever have done this if God had given us a little girl?" Thankfully, I will be left to wonder. Meanwhile, I will be thankful for the boys having buzz-cuts!

It was a wonderful visit in God's perfect timing. You are welcome to stay here anytime, friends! Miss you!

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