Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wake Up to Clean Teeth & A Smile

This was the table setting on the morning of February 14, 2008 - Valentines Day. The flowers on the table were my greeting from my precious husband! In the card he wrote me, he promised to give me what I desire in bed all night long...the covers! Too funny, we are starting to show our age. We gladly enjoyed a bit of time together before he left for work, and he promised a Valentine's Date later.

(Side note - We took our date last Friday night! Kelly kept the boys - I didn't know they were sick. What a great Mom I am to expose her four children to all we have had over the past few weeks! Sorry, Kel! On our date, Reid and I had sushi together - Enjoyed it! It was a great night with my honey.)

Back to Valentine's Day...

I made each of the boys a "Fruit Plate Smile - With Chocolate Syrup Hair." They loved it! I would have done one for Reid as well, but he is usually gone before 7:00 am. The boys usually awake around 7:00. Wish we could enjoy breakfast together as a family, but I'm thankful Reid hard to support our family, so I won't complain about him leaving so early!

The boys were thrilled with their little surprises on the table.

True confession time. February 13th is the anniversary of Ansley's death, and truthfully I was quite down the entire day. It couldn't get my mind and heart to make any plans for the next day.

Being the procrastinator that I am; it was 8:15 pm on February 13th, and I didn't have anything for the boys for Valentine's Day morning. (My mom always had a little surprise for us on the table and I want to continue the tradition!) So, in a frantic effort to make the morning special, I grabbed my coat and headed out the door to find Valentine treats for the boys. My shopping destination...Ingles...the closest grocery store...about a mile from our driveway! I searched and searched for the perfect surprise. I finally settled on NEW ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES! WHAHOO! AND, BOXES OF CANDY HEARTS! YIPPEE!

After my shopping excursion, I came home and made homemade Valentine's Day cards for the boys. It was a rather late night, but writing the cards transformed my heart from being "down" to actually anticipating with excitement the next day.

The boys were thrilled with their simple surprises and I was so blessed to see their smiling faces and their joy! God is so amazingly good to us! Amazingly good!

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