Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I just received this greatly anticipated e-mail about five minutes ago. Here is what it said:

"Hi Mom and Dad, I hope you're doing fine. Just to let you know that my daywent well, I have passed my citizenship test as of today, but I did not get to do the ceremony part today due to the less number of people interviewed today. As a result of that, they have scheduled the ceremony to wednesday of march, 5th @ 1.00 pm. I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone for your prayers, support and encouragement, I have the wisdom that I need to pass this test due to your prayers. I hope and pray that the boys will feel much better so that they can effectively resume to their normal activities."

I'm so proud of you Mathiang. I can't believe it is official! YAHOO! WHOOPEE! I can not believe you are finally truly stepping into citizenship of the United States of America. We would love to come for the ceremony if possible! I am so thankful for your pursuit and faithful endurance to make this dream a reality for you.

It is hard to believe you stepped onto American soil eight years ago, and now you are becoming a citizen. Oh, I am so proud! I only wish I was there to give you a HUGE hug, and yell and scream because of all the excitement I feel for you! You have done it!


demp5 said...

Dear Robin,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am excited to hear that the Brownings visited FBC - great family! How funny that you ran into Jennifer (Meadows) Lukens at the doctor's office! She is one of my favorite people, but I NEVER get to see her. We are doing so well - gracias a Dios, and we do not need a thing. Please pray for our safety, health, and speedy completion. Also, please say "hi" to the coop for us.
P.S. Is Julie G. really having a "Brian"?

kelseyad said...

Robin - That is so fantastic. I did a little shriek myself. How sweet! Let me know if you are headed this way - I know you want to be there. If not, I can MAYBE offer photography services - I don't know times or anything so I am probably WAY ahead of myself. Just let me know - the house is always open (and, the Aldi's is around the corner)!