Monday, February 25, 2008

The Saga of Sickness Continues - Sick 4

Here we are with another fever - on another child. Mason awoke this morning with a spiked fever although he hasn't felt well for a few days. So we headed to the doctor today to get him checked out!

Over the past few weeks at least one person in our family has had...the flu - type A (3 people), the flu - type B (1 person), a sinus infection (2 people), the stomach virus (1 person), and now...bronchitis! (Mason's diagnosis!) Nope, nursing is not really for me.

The rest of us seem to have finally turned the corner to actually being "well." No fevers for a few days and coughs are subsiding - Whahoo! County schools in the area have been closed due to sickness, but Arrow Academy has remained open and we have accomplished quite a bit - much to the children's dismay! The boys have asked to cancel school, but the teacher and principal have decided otherwise!

Here are a few updates I haven't posted since January...

1.) Our friends the Ancelet's have returned home with Baby Abel from Ethiopia. You can see his adorable picture on their BLOG. We had a Yard Sale on Sept. 29th (Ansley's b-day) to raise money for this adoption. My "Fill a Bag For a Buck!" quote will forever be remembered. We are thrilled for this precious family!

2.) A while back I posted that I was trying to follow a daily Bible Reading Plan from Navigators. The plan is supposed to help you read through the Bible in One year. Although it took me over two years, I finally finished reading the entire Bible. The only reason I am posting this is b/c this is something I never thought I would do - but, now I have done it. If this is something you have "put off" (like me) I would challenge you to try it. Feel the freedom to go at your own pace! Scripture is totally fascinating! All of scripture weaves together and overlaps throughout all of the books. It is incredible! I actually enjoyed most of the Old Testament books - enjoyed! However, as I plodded my way through the book of Ezekiel, I was very thankful for Reid's Bible knowledge b/c I bombarded him with questions! Ezekiel is one interesting - but, for me, a little confusing - book. I am starting the Reading Plan again and hope to continue reading the Word of God over and over. I pray it will infuse my life daily, and keep me more focused on my Lord.

3.) The boys have been playing basketball for Upward. Every Saturday, we have been blessed to watch game, after game, after game, and sometimes, after game. Yes, some Saturdays were filled with up to four basketball games. The three oldest boys were on three different teams, and occasionally one team played two games on Saturday! As exhausting as it was, all three of the boys enjoyed playing! Even Weston! Tonight they received awards at their Awards Night and came home with lots of funny stories to tell. Sadly, Mason missed it b/c he was sick.

4.) Reid and I enjoyed a nice weekend away a few weeks ago. We traveled to Chattanooga and were thrilled to have an entire weekend for ourselves. We talked about each of the boys, our plans for the future, where we are headed as a family, getting back on a budget (again!), goals for our marriage, etc... One of the main things that came out of our conversation together, was the decision to refrain from any sporting programs for the Spring. We have decided not to participate in baseball, and use the time to focus on our family. We thought this would be a "tough sell" with the kids, but their response was, "I don't mind taking a season off." Too be honest, I think our two oldest boys were relieved. We are hoping to take some weekend camping trips and actually enjoy family meals around the table instead of rushing off to another scheduled practice. I think it will be a nice reprieve for our family.

5.) I'm teaching in a Homeschooling Co-op this semester. I have LOVED it and the kids have LOVED it! I am teaching a Human Body Class and a Grammar / Expository Writing Class for elementary grades. I am also teaching an "Altered Art" class for 6th grade and up. (Amy, you would be proud!) I've found God has really given me a passion for teaching! We've done some DISGUSTING experiments in the Human Body class, but it has been so much fun!

6.) I've started a Co-op for our church homeschoolers. To keep it simple, we meet biweekly. Our focus is to learn about missionaries and different missions. It has been incredible! We have learned about a mission ministry in Haiti, and the life of Jim Elliot. This week, our family is sharing about Hudson Taylor. We are finishing up his biography and we've all been amazed at how he exercised his faith by the life he lived! Sooooo inspiring!

7.) We have had some wonderful visitors since Christmas. I am hoping to post pictures of them though - so check back later and see if I actually did it! Gotta keep you guessing! Ha-ha!

7.) I have actually found time to BLOG a bit. Can you believe it? Amazing, isn't it?

That's life in a nutshell - or "BLOGSHELL" should I say? Hope all is well with you! Leave me a comment and let me know how YOU are doing!


Starryaura said...

David came down with the flu too :( So far he hasn't needed too much nursing. I think that there are two kinds of men, the kind who need a ton of attention when they're sick and the kind who, like animals, crawl off into a cave somewhere until they feel better. I for one am looking forward to this season of sickness in our area being over!

Becki party of 5 said...

Great to hear all your updates...I've been checking in! Check out my blog to see my latest mission trip plans, I'm so excited!
Hope you are feeling better by now. It's bad here in Chicago too if that makes you feel any better!
Lots of love!

Jana Griffin said...

CONGRATS on reading the Bible through! I have never done it...I have always wanted I will look over the reading plan and take you up on the challenge!