Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Saint Goes Marchin' In

Quite often lately, I've been listening to the "When the Saints" song by Sara Groves. How prophetic were her words...for another dear friend has marched into the gates of heaven and into God's Awesome Magnificent Presence.

Our dear friend, David, left this earth to be with the Lord on Sat. night. Reid and I received the call on Sunday, and talked to the boys yesterday afternoon. Emotionally, it has been a difficult 24 hours.
This is Mason's second close friend to lose a parent within a year, and it has affected him deeply. Please pray for his fragile heart. It is hard for a 10 year old to grasp.
I have wept tears for Anita, Andrew and Allie - praying for God to sustain them all. Please pray especially for each of them. My heart is burdened for my friend awaking this morning without a husband, and two children awaking without a father. Oh, it is hard...hard...hard... But I trust that God is good, and His grace is sufficient.

Life can be so short. We are not guaranteed old age. Lord, help me not to treat my days carelessly! Help me to be intentional with every moment you choose to leave me here on earth.

I know David lived that way. He "said it like it was." He didn't complain about the road he had to travel...and he sought You...he followed hard after You in the midst of pain and suffering. I know he received a beautiful crown of jewels. Thank you for ending his long suffering and bringing him into his eternal home with You.

For those of you who check this blog and know this family - you can call CBC for service information. Please pray for our family travels for the services, for we have one child down with croup again. We need to make some arrangements. We would be grateful for your prayers for God to bring all of that together for us, and that Franklin would be made well so he could travel.
Thank you for your prayers friends. We are grateful! Please cover Anita, Andrew and Allie with your prayers to our Almighty God.
"Precious in the sight of the Lord
Is the death of His godly ones."
Psalm 116:15

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kelsey said...

Where are you, my friend? Can't get email to go through on your account.