Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Weston, Wanna Trade?

One of the funniest things that happened Christmas morning was when the boys opened the gifts from Grandaddy. Reid handed the three oldest boys three gifts that we thought were all from Grandaddy. We wanted them to open them all together b/c he was giving them a gift they really wanted - an MP3 Player!

The three begin to open their gifts...they are all sooooo excited! We built it up to let them know it would be something they would LOVE! However, when the gifts were opened, Weston was the only one who got an MP3 Player! In the excitement of opening gifts, we made an error in reading the tags!

I wish you could have seen the disappointment on Mason and Franklin's face! However, Weston could hardly contain his excitement! Mason turned to Weston holding out his gift and said, "Weston, wanna trade??"
Upon opening the next gift, Franklin and Mason literally came off their seats when they realized they were receiving an MP3 as well! Way to go, Grandaddy!!

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TedTracie said...


I got an IPOD for Christmas... LOVE IT. Ted's mom and Ted gave it to me.

Avery got a MP3 player too. Are we in a NEW GENERATION OR WHAT?