Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weston with a Wii Trophy

Oh, the times are a' changin'!
A few weeks ago, a friend of Reid's from his office held a fundraiser for Eskimo Escapades.
Reid's friend held a Wii Bowling Tournament and charged all of the participants a small entry fee. Yes, the fundraiser was a video-game playing tournament. I've never heard of such a thing, but I suppose that is where things are headed. So, instead of bowling in a bowling alley, the group bowled in the company meeting room!
There were 18 people competing and WESTON beat them all! He walked away with the coveted trophy! Weston got to come home and tell his brothers about "beating everyone Dad works with!" Weston really enjoyed his night out with Daddy this time!
That night at bedtime, I tucked Weston in singing...
At Wii, he's the champion, my friend
And He'll keep on bowling to the end...
Bum, Bum, Bum...
At Wii, he's the champion,
At Wii, he's the champion,
No time, but good times,
At Wii, he's the champion...of the world!
So, what has this led to in our home? (Another homeschooling opportunity!)
The boys are currently saving their money to buy a Wii Game System. They are tracking the prices of Wii systems across the nation via a website called Wii Tracker. They are trying to decide what the most important gaming additions are going to be for the Wii. They are trying to figure out ways to raise money so that they can buy more games as well, and they are motivated to MAKE SOME MONEY!
Tonight at dinner, Mason informed his brothers that they all needed to be collecting aluminum cans because "Aluminum cans are two for a nickel right now!"
Save some cans for us, would you??

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