Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Scavenger Hunt on Christmas Morning

Evidently, I am a little "over the top" with the number of pictures I took on Christmas morning. This is my seventh (I think) BLOG about Christmas morning! Unbelievable! I guess there is something in me that hopes you really enjoy seeing all these pictures of our adorable family!

I think I am also borderline OCD b/c I really like to keep all my BLOGs in chronological order - why is that? It's January 8th, I really should be blogging about my New Year's Resolutions...but I am still blogging about Christmas morning. Oh, well! Enjoy this Christmas Blog #7!

One of our Christmas morning traditions is a Scavenger Hunt for each of the boys. They receive three gifts from Mom and Dad - like the wise men brought to Jesus. Two are under the tree and the last one is found after all the other gifts have been opened. We usually tuck their first clue into the toe of their stocking. The boys open the stockings from youngest to oldest and we stop between each stocking for the "hunt!" Each boy receives the same number of clues as their age in years. Therefore, Mason was hunting for quite a while! Reid did a great job with the clues this year!!
Weston found his first clue in the toe of his stocking! He searched the bathroom, the garage, outside, and finally found his K'nex. He loves to play with these and was very excited to find them after searching through his many clues!

Braden received lots of help from his older brothers for his scavenger hunt. He hunted upstairs and downstairs and finally found his new Spiderman bike. (My sister found it at a Yard Sale for $20 - Thank you Kelly!) Braden was so excited about his new bike that he immediately put on his "riding clothes" and headed out for a ride! Doesn't he look cool?

Franklin had to search the pantry and the mailbox to find his clues. He finally got to tear open his gift after lots of searching! He finally found his Cardworks game. He was excited about being able to build structures out of cards! He loves to build with them!

Mason hunted high and hunted low - inside and outside - and down the hall! However, he finally found his special gift...for the second time if you read my earlier BLOG. Seriously, he found his Baltimore puzzle framed and ready to hang! He was so excited!

Mathiang's hunt was the last one. (We make the boys go in the order of ages.) Mathiang was so excited! He hunted from clue to clue - even the ones hidden outside. Finally, he found his new Christmas tree for his apartment and his special book! It was a book I made on Snapfish of the pictures of him from Christmas' he has spent with us.
He was thrilled to see his picture in a real book! It was a great gift, and such a great way to end our special morning together.

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