Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gifts Galore

All the boys gave Mathiang a new calendar for 2008! The Psalms!

Franklin got a submarine model. He's been intrigued since touring one in Charleston!
Mathiang received some nice new towels! Mom and Dad gave each other a computer for Christmas. I think they are trying to catch up with the 21st Century! Ha-ha! Seriously, I think they want to read this BLOG! Just kidding! Mom is eating one of the traditional gifts for Christmas - a chocolate covered cherry!
Mathiang gave the boys matching shirts for Christmas! Adorable!

Mason got a combined birthday and Christmas gift - a pedal for his guitar. It was one thing he really wanted. Christmas wishes come true!
Reid got the only gift he asked for - a turkey fryer complete with peanut oil! We enjoyed a delicious turkey later in the day!

Braden got a cool model airplane and flew it Christmas afternoon!

Weston got a cool paper airplane kit and Braden got a Webkinz!

Reid got me an electronic Sudoku - that game challenges me! Reid also got me the only gift I asked for - a new computer chair! Now I sit comfortably while blogging! Hooray!
Check the BLOG later for some of the best gifts of Christmas morning - the homemade, handmade gifts!

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TedTracie said...

Ok... so you are HOMESCHOOL mom of the year and now you guys are like CUTEST FAMILY OF THE YEAR!

I adore your sweet family.

Why don't we see each other more? Remind me to tell you what I told Ted last night.