Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Eve - Family Time

Christmas Eve! It's always a special time for our family! Typically, we all gather together for some family fellowship, have the cousin gift exchange, get the family picture, and then travel to a Christmas Eve Worship Service together as a family! A VERY LARGE FAMILY!

This year Kelly and John hosted the gathering in their new home! It was a blessing to all be together! Nearly everyone was here this year. We were only missing Sam and Nicole because they were enjoying their honeymoon! Who could blame them?

We enjoyed a beautiful worship service at Kelly and John's church which prepared our hearts for the celebration of the coming of Christ! Happy Birthday Jesus!

All of the children enjoyed unwrapping their gifts, while all of the parents simply enjoyed watching the delight in the children! What a blessed Christmas Eve!

The Cousin Gift Exchange! When you are wearing the Santa Hat, then it's your turn to pass out your gift! The exchange takes a little while, because there are SIXTEEN children exchanging gifts! Each child gets to pick one gift for one of their special cousins! It's a lot of FUN! Our boys have a great time picking out the "perfect gift" for whoever's name they draw each year!

Traditionally, we get our annual family photo on this night. Thankfully Dave always makes sure this happens. He also has a great eye with the camera so you can see everyone's face! (That is an amazing gift!) Mamaw, the matriarch, is always in the middle of the picture! I always LOVE seeing all of us together!

This year, Mark, sent me a digital copy of this GREAT photo! He is trying to earn son-in-law points by also being a great photographer! Hee-hee! Seriously, thank you Mark for the FANTASTIC picture of the family! It is a blessing to have it!

Here's the entire gang! Sam and Nicole, we miss you - but you will BOTH be in the picture next year!

Thank you all for a glorious Christmas Eve together!

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