Thursday, January 17, 2008

Surprise Mom!

I was out late last night. I was meeting with two friends, and we kept finding things to talk about, and one of my friends had some nice clothes and some stained sheets to give away so we had to go through all of them, and then the dog ran out of the house when I opened the door to leave, and then...well, I was late getting home...but when I did, I was so sweetly surprised by my precious children!

I walked in downstairs and was greeted with a message going up the stairs, "You are the best Mom in the universe!!!" (There really were three !!!)

As I approached the top of the stairs grinning from ear to ear, another sign was staring me in the face! It said, "There is no one like you!" AND, this sign had an arrow to direct me down our hallway...
On the door at the end of the hallway...
(Okay, now this sentimental Mom is still grinning, but has tears in her eyes from this adorable expression of LOVE that has been poured out by her four boys! She also recognizes that evidently they paid close attention to the Christmas morning scavenger hunt!)

I walk into my bedroom where Reid waiting up for me...(He couldn't turn out the light or I wouldn't be able to see the HUGE arrow sign hanging on my side of the bed! The poor guy! Then he had to listen to me gush and gush and gush about our wonderful children!)

The arrow sign contained more sentiments of LOVE, and notes from the boys titling me "Teacher of the Year." (That is now a running joke in our family!) This morning the boys pointed out they made the sign in the shape of an arrow b/c of the name of our school, Arrow Academy. Too cute!

When we walked into the kitchen for breakfast, I found this note on the table. It said,

"Dear Mom, We want you to know that we did this just because we love you. We really do mean that you are a great teacher. We hope that you have no more trouble teaching us, me (Mason) and Franklin especially. That is all the time I have. Sorry. Love, Mason, Franklin, and Weston

We love you soooooo much!!!! (Yes, there are that many O's and !!!s) :)

Here are a few more signs that I found later this morning when we came downstairs to do school. Oh, I love our boys! Reid said they did all of this completely on their own! God is so good! The one in the upper left says, "I bet you make Satan cry!" Too funny, especially if he knew the conversation I was having while he was drawing the sign! I bet Satan was crying then -for sure! (Right B & J?)

These signs of encouragement will be hanging up for a while! I am so blessed! Oh, and I am so encouraged b/c evidently my students think I really deserve the "Teacher of the Year" title bequeathed on me by my wonderful hubby! Thank you, students of Arrow Academy!

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