Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bye Bye Christmas!

Last weekend I was a little sad. It was time to take down our Christmas decorations! We started Christmas behind b/c our decorations weren't up until mid-December and we ended Christmas behind b/c we took down our decorations in mid-January. (Who sets this timetable anyway?) However, there is something about packing everything up, carrying the tree out of the house, and disconnecting the train that makes me a little sad. I want Christmas to last all year long! However...
Once all of the decorations are packed up and put away comes one of my favorite jobs! Replacing the pictures on our refrigerator! I take down the Christmas pictures people sent last year (except for Amy's), and replace them with updated pictures of our friends and family (except for Amy's - hers doesn't need to be replaced - Ha-ha!)! Seriously, it is so much fun to fill our home with faces of those we love and those who love us.

I think it is also my own little way of trying to hang on to Christmas. Now, every time I go to the pantry I see the faces of my friends! Sometimes it brings a smile on my face, sometimes I am stirred to lift a prayer, sometimes I remember a fun memory shared, but every time I see the pictures in our kitchen I am reminded of Christmas and God's greatest gift!

Maybe taking down the decorations isn't such a sad thing after all!

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