Friday, December 21, 2007

Need a LAUGH?

I saw this hilarious Homeschooling Video a few days ago. When I visited Tracie's BLOG, I read about the comedian. For all of you who love HILLBILLIES - You have GOT to visit this link and watch "Cletus Take the Wheel!" The homeschooling video is on there as well! You will enjoy them! Too funny!

Evidently some of my friends know important people...Tracie knows a famous comedian (above), Becca's cousin was a famous country music star (who was it?), and PATTI won the HUGE PRIZE PACK today on Love 89.1! (I had to put this somewhere on my BLOG b/c Patti hasn't started one yet! I'm sharing her great news with Blogworld!)

Seriously, congrats!


pattis1234 said...

Thanks, Robin! I have decided not to blog and just read about my life in your blog! I'll just update you every few days, and you can let everyone know what is going on in my exciting life :-) Ha Ha


Anonymous said...

Apparently Chet Atkins was my Grandmother's cousin, or something like that. Their resemblence is quite remarkable but I have yet to convert her photos into digital pics so I can't show you what I mean. Here's a link to some info about Chet Atkins though:

And, here's a link to a website with the recipe for the cornstarch putty stuff we were talking about: