Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Worlds...One Heart

When Reid and I returned home from Ghana a few weeks ago, Franklin (age 11) presented us with this watercolor he had been working on. It's hard to read all of the words, but at the bottom of the painting are our four boys - Mason, Franklin, Weston, and Braden in Tennessee. Reid and I are painted flying with the plane to Ghana to meet Overcomer. The little blue figure represents him with little hands reaching up to the sky. The banner flying reads, "God sets the lonely in families." Psalm 68:5.

Franklin brought this life-giving piece of artwork to the airport when he met us. He had worked for over 12 hours on it while we were gone. It is now framed and in our den! What a precious gift! I will keep it forever, Franklin! Thank you!
Over the past two months, our older boys have expressed their emotions in different ways. Franklin has spoken through art, while Mason has turned to his music.

Mason wrote a song recently about our waiting time in this adoption. It begins with the words, "Two worlds, one heart...One family, so far apart..."

After being home for a few weeks without Overcomer, these words ring louder and louder in my head. I think my heart is grafted over the ocean between the eastern coast of the United States and the children's home where Overcomer is sleeping tonight! As in the picture above, I truly feel my heart is located where Franklin has drawn me...on my way to Ghana... It's impossible to be fully planted here in thought. My mind continually drifts toward Overcomer...

Is he sleeping well? Is anyone holding him? Will he remember me? Is he eating enough food? Are his sores better? Is anyone applying the needed cream? Who is he playing with? Is he still singing? Does...he...have...hope?

Mason's song ends, "Hold on, a little bit longer...Everyday, my love grows stronger..." I'm finding these to be true as well. Reminding myself to hold on. God's timing will be perfect. He is in control, we are not.

We are grateful for your continued prayers. Thank you also to our Life Group for praying for us tonight! We love you! What a special evening around the bonfire celebrating Samuel and Helen!

Our friend, Heather, shared three years ago when she and her husband adopted their first daughter, our pastor had prayed that the adoption of E. would ignite a fire of adoption within our church. Heather said, she believed it was coming true as seven out of eight families around the bonfire tonight are currently involved with adoption. Some have already adopted (domestic and foreign), some are in the process of adopting, some are praying about it knowing the time is near. One reason this is so incredible is because our church is small. And each family around the fire is from our little church body. Pretty cool, huh?

"God sets the lonely in families."
Psalm 68:5

Please pray our family will be united as the Lord wills, but we would love for it to be soon. Obstacles still need to be lifted in Ghana for this to happen. Please keep praying.

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Kristy said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I follow several artist's blogs and I seriously thought this was one of their new releases when I saw this pic pop up. Amazing job Franklin!!!