Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Positive News

Yesterday, we received two bits of positive news and some laughter over a more-than-loose tooth.

1.) Reid visited a few places yesterday and found that there must be a way to lift the obstacle we are facing. Several people are now looking into it, and we rest knowing God is in control. Thank you for praying.

2.) We received an e-mail from our precious friends in Ghana. They are going to see Overcomer in the coming days at the Children's home. They plan to love on him, check his health, and bring him HOPE. Believe me, I know the people who care of Overcomer love him. His a
Auntie M. shared so much with me when we were together. I know she has a soft spot in her heart for him. They care for him to the best of their ability, but there are so many children that none are able to receive the personal attention they need as a young child. I know they are doing their best.

3.) Because of a few minutes in the afternoon, I decided to stop into a salon for a haircut. My haircuts come so sporadically, I seem to go somewhere different every time depending on which area of town I am in. Yesterday I went somewhere I'd never been.

I received a new style, much shorter with bangs, and was pleasantly surprised when I walked up to the counter to pay. Mason, Weston and Braden had been waiting beside the check-out station while I was in the back. The woman behind the counter said, "Your boys are soooooooo well behaved. I have a 2 year old at home, and I hope he's half as good as your children. I can't believe how wonderful they have been!"

What a compliment! Although our boys are great, they are not always well behaved - especially when unsupervised. (Just last week we were admonished at the public library!)

Unsolicited praise of that nature deserves a reward in my book. So we headed to the nearest ice cream shop for a special surprise! Marble Slab ice cream with mix-ins! A real treat for us!

At this time, Braden had been procrastinating pulling a dangling front tooth. It looked like he only had one tooth in his mouth, but he would NOT pull it! He was finally convinced to allow me to pull it because his mouth was numb from the ice cream. He was crying, and whining, then opened his eyes wide when he realized his tooth was out of his mouth. No tugging required! The woman helping us with the ice cream gave him a small tub of gummy bears for being so brave. I'm not sure I've ever seen Braden look so proud of himself. We left Marble Slab giggling over the excitement. Such a small thing, but such a treat!

Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8

Please continue to pray for obstacles to be lifted so we may bring Overcomer home. We are trusting our faithful God!

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