Friday, November 19, 2010


Our precious friends, the O'Learys, have finally been joined as a family. After a year long adopting journey, they are now a family of seven.

Greeting them at the airport was a glorious picture of heaven. What a homecoming awaits us. As Kristie and the kids walked through the revolving door, I could only imagine walking into heaven and finally seeing my Lord for the first time! Unrestrained JOY along with numerous hugs from loved ones who have gone before us. Welcome Home banners conveying the celebration that we have finally reached our ultimate destination. What a picture.

Because my words are inadequate, perhaps you should see this video. It's truly a picture of God's awaiting arms...

O'Leary Homecoming Video

"Let heaven and earth praise Him..."
Psalm 60:34a

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linds said...

Kristi and I have become friends through this crazy adoption journey that we have both been on ... I would have loved to be there for their homecoming ... thank you for posting the video. I just bawled like a baby through the whole thing. I am so happy for them! Their family is finally all together now. :0)