Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blankets for the Homeless Round-Up

Dear Friends,
Do you know we serve an amazing God? Last week, over 200+ blankets were distributed to the homeless in our community! Children handed these gifts of love out after the worship service at Water Angels Ministry. Many of the recipients live in outdoor camps near downtown, and this gift of warmth was very meaningful.

After the service, person-after-person came to me and said "Thank you" for the blankets. One friend watched an older man fold his double-thick blanket and hold it in his lap. Because this man is an outdoor camper, he had humbled himself to ask for a double-blanket. As my friend watched him, she was moved with emotion to realize what a gift this would be to him. He held the blanket as something he cherished.

Another friend brought her daughters to help hand out the blankets. For some reason, she had dressed her daughter in her coat from last year. While they were handing out the blankets outside, a mom asked about finding a coat for her young daughter. (Water Angels has been low on coats this year, and children's coats are difficult to find.) My friend ended up giving this child her daughter's coat. What a gift of LOVE!

One boy was able to see the man who received the blanket he had made. Now prayers will be lifted for this man because his face is etched in this little boy's mind.

We are grateful to everyone who performed this act of love for a stranger. I find myself thinking if Jesus saw someone freezing on the street, he would offer a blanket as an act of love from His Father. Wouldn't he? So many of these friends are desperate for HOPE. These blankets were an opening to their heart.

During the service as the blankets were handed out, we shared several verses from scripture proclaiming the love of God and our need of repentance so that Christ's light will shine in them. (Psalm 91:4, 1 Peter 4:8) Our hope is that every time someone awakes under them, these verses will come to their mind.

Water Angels has many needs. If you are interested in becoming involved, I'd be happy to share some opportunities with you. May we be the light of Christ to the least of these within our own community. As I see God's redeeming work in some of the lives from downtown, I recognize the depth of His love. Truly, it runs far deeper than I ever imagined.

Finally, if you would like to meet us under the bridge to hand out the remaining blankets, let me know. We will do this several times in the near future. (I'd rather not have the blankets in my basement if someone outside is cold!) We still have over 100 to hand out! Isn't God amazing? Over 350 blankets this year!

You are welcome to visit the Water Angels website for more information about the ministry.

Thank you again for extending your hand to those in need.
Continually Amazed by God,Reid, Robin, Mason, Franklin, Weston, Braden and Godwin Derrick Beebe

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