Sunday, November 28, 2010

From a Ten Year Old

This year, one of Weston's English assignments was to write a paper about what he is thankful for this year. Because it would help us all to have the perspective of a ten year old at times, I thought I'd let his paper be my blog post today. Learning about others in the world has expanded his own degree of gratitude.

Enjoy his paper...

The Stuff Some People Live Without

Weston Beebe


There are three things that I am very thankful for. These three things are a house, a bed, and three meals a day.

The thing I am thankful for the most is a house. The reason I am thankful for that is because I know some people that don’t have a house and it seems horrible. I could not imagine what life would be like without a house.

The thing I am the second most thankful for is a bed. One reason I am thankful for that is because I know someone that used to have to sleep on a concrete floor with no blanket and no pillow.

The thing I am the third most thankful for is getting to have three meals a day. I am very thankful for that because some people only get one meal a day and we get two or three meals a day. (I bet some people get fourth-meal at Taco Bell.)

I am thankful for many of things, but these are the ones that I am the most thankful for. I am thankful for a large number of things that some people don’t have.


K. Messerly said...

Awesome! He is blessed with perspective (and humor) that many take years to acquire.

Susan said...

Love his heart. Especially love the Taco Bell comment. Loved it. Sounds like he knows what is important.