Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - 7:00 am this morning

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nancy said...

Robin, I met you last night at the Water Angels Bible study. I didn't realize until we were leaving (and Lydia spotted the Rivers Edge bumper sticker on your car) that you co-op through RECA. Lydia went there for 5 years; we just started at Lotts this fall. It was painful to leave RECA. I believe very much in the work they are doing in allowing parents to "have the best of both worlds." Had I not felt Lydia's desire to go to public school was God's way of working it out that I could go to seminary full-time, we probably would have never left.

We won't be at Bible study next week because Lydia is in Girl Scouts every other week, but I will be there on the 5th.