Sunday, September 26, 2010

T-Shirt Winners!

Huge thanks to everyone who posted about our t-shirt giveaway!  So many of you helped get the word out through your blogs, Facebook, etc...  You encouraged us so much just by taking the time to spread the word. 

Because of your postings, one boy in Illinois ordered one for his birthday!  He said he wanted his gifts to help others.  As his family walks through the process of adopting from Ethiopia, he wanted to help other families adopting.  Isn't that so cool?  I'm so encouraged to see the young in age, but mature in faith as they continually challenge me in my own faith!  Thank you!

Several more amazing things have happened recently, but one touched me very deeply.  A friend blessed our family with her birthday money - $100.  She said she had prayed about it, and God wanted her to give it to us.  The very day she gave it, we were made aware of a significant need that would cost that exact amount!  It was a great need and we felt the Lord wanted to use this money to care for these suffering, struggling orphans.  So, we gave the money to provide what was needed trusting that God would somehow replace it.  Incredibly, within a few hours, God sent the same amount to replace what we had given through another dear family!  They stopped at our house at 9:00 and gave us an envelope with the same amount of money - $100!  Oh, the Lord continues to amaze us!  Thank you for providing for all your children, dear Lord!

Now for the two t-shirt winners...  Drum-roll please...  These two beautiful ladies will be blessed with a new t-shirt compliments of the Beebes!  Congratulations to Margie Frizzell and Montgomery Barretto!  Send me your shirt sizes asap!

Margie Frizzell is one of the women who greatly impacted us to begin this journey.  She is one of the best mothers I know.  Last summer at the pool, she consistently provided for all of her seven children, played with them in the pool, and always encouraged anyone she spoke with.  I love this woman!  Montgomery is one of my students at co-op.  She spreads the love of Christ to all she encounters, and is starting a blog to share her writing.  Thank you for posting, Montgomery!  I love you too!

Finally, for those who did not win this time please continue to check back because....there may be another giveaway when our new shirt is unveiled.  The artwork should be done soon.

I saw this t-shirt recently and thought I would share what it said.  Here is what is printed on the shirt and the answers to the questions we are continually asked:
Yes, we are still adopting.
No, there is nothing new to share.
But, each passing day brings us one day closer to our child!

Thank you for your continual prayers.  We love you all!

In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever.
Psalm 44:8

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Gummy said...

Hey I want to star a blog that i put all my writing on but then i thought what if someone toke it?? should i still put all my writing??

Gummy said...

hey u did like you said only some people can see it you r one!!

Montgomery said...