Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Dossier Made It!

As soon as I walked outside this morning to take the boys to school, I saw a butterfly.  HOPE!  I told the boys I thought the butterfly meant something great was happening with Overcomer.  Butterflies now have very special meaning to me - just read about the puzzle on the right of this blog.  Seeing this butterfly was God's way of letting me know something positive was happening for our little boy in Ghana.  And I was right...


Whoo-Hoo!  And a BIG Tennessee "Yeeeeeee-Haw!"

Our dossier is officially on Ghanaian soil!  It was delivered today and we are a happy family.

We are hoping things in country will move quickly for Overcomer, but we are trusting in God's timing.  We know in His timing nothing will happen even a minute late.  Nothing is predictable so this is not a guarantee, but it is our hope to have him home sooner than later.  We will trust God's perfect time.

The courts are not in session for the rest of the month, but will resume in October.  It's possible we could go next month.  We will trust until then.

Please continue to pray for Overcomer's health.  We are grateful for your prayers that have carried us this far!

 We received word today that Overcomer will be moving to a smaller foster home where he can receive more personalized care.  We are grateful to all who have prayed for him.  The home where he was provided the best care they could, and they loved him.  (We learned one of the aunties stayed with him when he was in the hospital.  Thank you!)  However, there are 45 children in the home where he's been and Overcomer is one of the youngest.   A smaller home will be best for his needed care.  Please pray for his transition into this new home.   

Finally, please continue to pray for God's complete provision for this trip.  Our prayer is to take our entire family for at least one of the trips to Ghana.  (We must make two trips to bring Overcomer home.)  Reid and I both feel it is very important for our boys to have a true understanding of the culture in the country.  We love Ghana and we love Africa!  We desire our boys to have the same passion.

God's provision has been incredible.  For this, we praise Him!  Thank you to everyone who have played a role in bringing Overcomer home.  Words are inadequate to express our gratitude.  We will be forever in your debt.  You have been the fragrance of Christ.  Thank you for each of your gifts - every penny is a treasure placed into Overcomer's life.  Thank you!

Lord, thank you for leading all of us!

But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.  
2 Corinthians 2:14
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Debbie B said...

I linked your blog on my blog today.... and I will also link it on my ChristianMoms board:

Blessings and I will pray that your adoption transpires quickly and without complication.