Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Domino Effect in Reverse

What happens when your actions encourage someone else to do the same? The Domino Effect has been happening within my Study Skills class from this past year. However, instead of witnessing people "falling down" I've had the honor to see them begin to RISE UP! Here's the beginning of middle school students striving to live out their faith.

Upon hearing that our son Mason, age 13, started a blog to encourage his peers to live for Christ -

Grace, age 13, then started a blog to encourage her peers to live for Christ -

Which then encouraged, Emma, age 13, to start a blog to challenge her peers to live it OUT!

This also led to Kylee, age 13, to begin blogging as well - guess what the purpose of her blog will be?

Did you catch the names these students have chosen for their blogs? Amazing, isn't it? (Here I am posting on - wishing I'd been more bold in my faith to name my blog the way these 13 year olds have done. Seriously!) It's so encouraging to see what God is doing in this next generation for Christ! He is tilling the soil for His purposes, and I'm grateful to witness His Hand in the lives of these young people! Can't wait to see all that HE will do in and through them!

Keep blogging!

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