Friday, May 21, 2010

Ten Year Old Growing Up Trip # 3

It's hard to believe, but the time has come for another "Growing Up Trip."  Reid has taken each of the boys on a special trip to talk about growing up.  Finally, it's Weston's turn!
The boys choose the destination, but Reid decides the topic of conversation.  Reid and Weston are headed to Indian Boundary Campground this weekend (May 21-23) with kayaks in tow.  (Weston's first choice was Club 180, but camping wasn't available at the State Park.  Therefore, they settled on Indian Boundary.)  They've planned some campfire meals, and the weekend weather looks promising.  Weston should have a memorable time.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  He really is growing up!  He will come back with knowledge he did not leave with on Friday.  Oh my!  I'll be praying!

Update:  After a few hours on the road, Reid called.  He informed me that Weston had decided he didn't want to grow up!  Can you blame him?  Ugh!

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