Monday, February 14, 2011

Minus the Guest of Honor

Today is Overcomer's third birthday. It is also the day of his visa interview at the Embassy. I knew if I stayed at home I would go crazy waiting to hear news from Ghana. So, the boys and I decided to have a celebration in Overcomer's honor. This was the first birthday party I've ever attended where the guest of honor was no in attendance. However, today our family is CELEBRATING what should be celebrated - Overcomer's birthday! We only greatly wish he were with us to complete the celebration!
We met the Brownings at the park, and played for several hours. Mason helped watch little Laine. She loved sliding with him!

Braden frosted the cake. Afterwards, he covered it with every kind of sprinkle imaginable. Green, orange, blue, yellow, silver... Lots of color and sparkle!

Janet and little Laine. She's growing up so fast!

Because of the wind, lighting the three candles was a trick. Finally, we were able to get them lit and then we all sang, "Happy Birthday!"
Happy Birthday Overcomer! We will celebrate with you very soon! Don't worry, we will bake another cake, have more candles, and sing very loudly to celebrate YOU! We love you, Mr. Three Year Old!

For though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit...
Colossians 2:5a

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