Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Signed, Sealed and On It's Way for Delivery!


The next few posts were written last week. I waited to post them until I'd made a few phone calls, and during that time I decided to post our adoption journey on our family blog rather than starting a new one. This will be our journey as a family, and I'd like to record it as such. Thank you for walking alongside us as we take this ENORMOUS LEAP OF FAITH!

Originally Written January 29, 2010

Today we completed the 18 page application for Adoption. I met Reid in a parking lot where he "signed his signature" to the many dotted lines. Afterwards, I headed to the post office where it was sealed in an envelope and officially beginning the journey to the adoption agency. Oddly enough, the agency is in High Point, NC which is our previous hometown.

Upon returning home from the post office, I printed off the next step - the 51 page Home study application. Whew! I had no idea we would be completing so many forms, sharing so much personal information, obtaining so many verifications, finding original copies of certificates, etc... It seems like a lot of work, but we know it is more than worth it!

Tonight we told Omar and Lamar our plans. They are so excited about another "brother or sister" from Ghana. Omar said, "That is so cool!" I asked if their Mom, Anna, would help teach me to braid hair if we end up adopting a girl. I was assured she would be thrilled to walk me through it. We assured Omar and Lamar that our relationship with them would not change. Lamar seemed relieved to hear it. Honestly, I think the two of them have played a significant role in preparing our hearts for this decision. They have shown us that the only thing a child really needs is someone to love them. So, love, love, love...

This evening Reid did the devotion with all of the boys (Omar, Lamar, and ours). The scripture he read reminded us that God knew everything before time even began. He knew we would be making this step at this exact time. He knows.

Tonight there is a child in Ghana who has no idea that we are already praying for her/him. This child does not yet know that our hearts are already opening wide with love. This child does not realize there is a family waiting with open arms to receive her/him home. However, tonight in our devotion, Weston pointed out that "God is the one who knows which child will join our family." He knows.

Two Comments from Original Post from another blog site:

Comment from Kelly - We Want Tessert, left January 31, 2010
Robin! Congratulations!! How exciting and what a surprise! I will keep your family in my prayers. I can hear your dad's voice telling you to do what you need to do. You are surrounded by love and support----this will happen.

Comment from Becki - Party of Five, left January 31, 2010

WOW, WOW, and WOW!!!!!! Thank you so much for keeping me posted! I'm so excited for you! God is SO good, and start writing all these "little" things down of how He provides and how He confirms that you are walking the road He wants you to walk! That's my favorite part from Addie's adoption!! I'm sorry I've been "away", I am leading a team of 11 to Haiti on Monday. We are going to work in an orphanage that houses 75 children and is bringing in up to 300 displaced orphans! it was an "emergency team" that was put together, so life has been a whirlwind the past WEEK since I found out I was going!
Sorry for taking up such a long comment.
We need to connect again soon!
Love and congrats to YOU!

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