Monday, February 15, 2010

Science Olympiad 2010

Thumbs UP! Medals, medals, medals... Way to go!
On Saturday, January 13, 2010, Mason and Franklin competed in the Regional competition for Science Olympiad - a national Science competition. Mason competed last year, but this year Franklin also entered several events. Competing as a fifth grader against all middle schoolers was intense, but Franklin did very well! He and his partner placed 4th in his study event. Yeah!
Mason's Events: Battery Buggy, Pentathalon, Dynamic Planet, Wright Stuff, Experimental Design, Elevated Bridge

Franklin's Events: Solar System, Wright Stuff, Dynamic Planet, Elevated Bridge

You can read more about the competition here:

I love this annual competition because Reid spends the day with them (and lots of other dads!) The competition this year took place on the Tennessee Wesleyan College campus.
Mason and Daniel watching their plane circle the gym. Mason and Franklin both helped in the Wright Stuff (plane building competition) this year. They did not build the planes, but helped with the launch.
Mason receiving one of his five medals of the day. (He competed in six events, so five medals is incredible!) Franklin received one medal for Wright Stuff. His partner built the plane, and Franklin helped him launch it. His partner was also in 5th grade and they placed second! Yes, Matthew and Franklin received a second place silver medal! Wow! Aerospace engineering may be in their future!
The Cedar Spring Homeschoool team placed second in the competition. This means the middle school and high school team will both progress on to the state level. As homeschoolers, they held their ground against some of the Knoxville area's top schools - Farragut, Oak Ridge, and Bearden. There were also some private schools and public schools from Chattanooga, TN. The Bearden "A" team and the Cedar Springs Homeschool team are the two progressing to the March 27th State Science Olympiad Competition in Nashville.

Way to go TEAM!
Listening to the rules for Battery Buggy. Mason will probably be building this next year. This year, he learned from Daniel.
Mason and Franklin with some of their team-mates. All smiles!

We're so proud of all of you! Your hard work paid off!

Sorry Mason, you still need to be studying for the state competition. Ugh! I know this is NOT what you wanted to hear!

You may be wondering what Weston, Braden and I did while they were gone... We prepared a special "Red and White" Valentine's dinner for them. They came home to candlelight and crystal on the table! (I wish I'd taken a picture...) We ended the day celebrating the LOVE within our family! Praise God!

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