Thursday, February 11, 2010

Poetic Valentine Gift for MyClass

This is my older English class at our home school co-op. I LOVE teaching this class. The students are amazing and always willing to "rise to the occasion" with the creative writing assignments I give.

This photo was taken back in November. Sadly, on this day, their regular teacher, Mrs. Beebe, was absent. Her replacement was a crazy, strange woman named Mrs. Truly Tacky. (Does the outfit look familiar?) She had a weird accent didn't know anyone's name. Everyone was known by something they were wearing..."little boy in the red shirt," "little girl in the blue hat," etc... The students were given a timed writing prompt and asked to write a descriptive essay describing their substitute. It was a day to remember!

Yes, really, it was!
This week, this same English class had another unusual assignment. Along with their book report, they had to make a personal Valentine for every person in the class. Each Valentine had to include an original poem for each person. Of course, I added my name to their list of Valentine recipients. (I love to receive cards of any sort!) I decided to create a poem including every member of the class. This is my Valentine gift to them...
A Valentine Poem Written by Your Teacher

These names are so difficult – What will I write?
A poetic gift for Valentines Day – To make them feel bright?
Their names have several syllables – Some with three, Some two –
Rebekah or Madison – I can’t rhyme them, Can you?
But for Julia and her brother, Jacob Rook –
I suppose I could thank them for their reports on a book?!?
What about the girls, Chloe and Sarah?
Why can’t I have two other students named Zoe and Clara?
Montgomery McRetto? Anthony Stallone?
How can I rhyme them? Really, come on!?!
This rhyming is hard – And my writing is messy.
I need help. Oh please – I guess I’ll ask Jessie!
I could ask Caroline or Alonna or Sam –
They would know what to do in this rhyming jam!
Weston and Franklin will help me. After all, they’re my sons.
Wait ‘til I share this poem I’ve begun.
They’ll laugh at my rhymes. They’ll say I’m in a “real pickle.”
They’ll tell me I need help from the Rhyme King – Philip Brickle!
Oh, what should I do? There’s so much at stake –
The class will probably laugh at me… Especially Jake!
This is such a conundrum – I should probably call Will –
Oh dear! What should I do? My mind needs to stop and BE STILL!
But I can’t stop – Really, what if I slip?
If my rhyme scheme is off – I’ll be corrected by Chip!
The hour is late – I can’t dilly-dally.
I wish I had the poetic ease of sweet Emma Bali.
My time is up. This poem will have to do –
I just wish between the lines – They could read the “I love yous.”
This class has great potential – To change this wide world.
I pray they will live life with their faith unfurled.
It’s an honor to teach them. They all bring such joy –
I hope they’ll like this poem – Instead of a Valentine toy.
Precious Shurley 5 Class, As I’ve rehearsed –
I’ll close this poem with this short verse…
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Always remember,
I believe in each of you!

Philippians 1:3 -
With Love,
Mrs. Beebe
(The last names have been changed to protect privacy.)
This class is currently writing a "round-robin" progressive story. So far, I'm impressed. When they are done, perhaps I'll post it so you can laugh like I've been doing when I read it! I love the creativity of kids.

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