Thursday, February 4, 2010

Candid SNOW Shots

Knoxville received a nice dusting of snow on Jan. 8th, and these four shots were some my favorites of the boys. They are growing up so quickly. Their personalities were captured with these photographs.

[Our sledding time on Jan 9th was significant in moving us to take the step toward adoption. I hope to write more about "How We Got Here" later. Actually, it would be more correct to write "How We GOD Here." God's leading, we're following.]
Weston - "SMILEY" - His smile captures my heart! (The snowsuit Weston is wearing is a hand-me-down from my cousin who is now in his early 20s. It cracks me up that it's lasted that long. Mason and Franklin have enjoyed it as well!)
Mason - Always trying to make me laugh by being silly, silly, silly
Braden - Daring and not wanting to take time from sledding for a picture
Franklin - Steadfast and Strong

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