Friday, February 19, 2010

It's a BEAUTIFUL day!

Knoxville's freeze ended today with sunshine warming the ground. A gentle breeze wafted through the trees, and birds chirped happily on the branches. It was a gorgeous day!

This morning we had a super productive day home schooling. We learned five Latin prefixes (meanings and examples). We labeled three bodies of water, and four countries on our Africa maps. We added timeline cards #102, #103, and #104 (Jamestown, Mayflower, Pilgrims). The boys finished their Math, English, Science, etc... All of this was accomplished before 11:15! Whew! My teaching was fast-and-furious because I had to have Mason to his Destination Imagination Team practice time at 11:45. Go, go, go!

The boys and I loaded up in the van to head over to meet his team. Today was my day to assist the coach, so for three hours I helped whenever it was appropriate. (Cleaning up, asking people to listen, etc...) Franklin, Weston and Braden played outside during the practice. Mason's team is comprised of five boys and two girls. Although they are very talented, their time together is LOUD! At the end of the session, I had a headache coming on - BIG TIME!

The five of us loaded up back in the van for the drive back home. As we were pulling out of the driveway, Franklin stated, "It's such a beautiful day today!"

Ouch! That hurt! As soon as he said it, I realized because of my agenda for the day - I hadn't even noticed! Shame on me!

My eyes were opened, and I enjoyed the ride home with our precious boys! Cracking the windows, the cool breeze felt nice on my face. Lord, forgive me for not noticing the beauty. My life should not be about rushing to accomplish tasks, but savoring everything You give!

The rest of the day, I have forced myself to relax. It's nice to be at peace. I've laughed and been tickled by the antics of boys. (Perhaps part of my relaxed state has come from limiting my computer time. During Lent, I've chosen to only allow myself on after 1:00 pm and off before 9:30 pm. I realized my quiet times were suffering because of poor choices I was making with regards to my computer time.)

After I stopped to enjoy, these were some of the blessings God had waiting for me:

Weston learned a new magic trick today. My eyes couldn't keep up with his disappearing coin trick. Where did it go? Weston may be the next David Copperfield.

Upon arriving home from the DI meeting, the four brothers trekked up into the woods. Play, boys! Play! Evidently there is some nice moldable dark brown mud somewhere in the forest. A handmade pile of poop was left on the top of the toilet. Yes, it was! (Thank you, Mason!) To get him back, Reid and I placed it on a paper plate and served it to him at dinner. What goes around, comes around! Whoo-Hoo! Gotcha!

Braden helped make supper tonight. He cut up the pear. When he finished slicing it, he seriously asked if he could serve it on the red "You're Special Today" plate. Are you kidding me? Of course you can! Reid lifted him onto the counter so he could get it down himself!

During dinner, Franklin asked if we could have some "Blue Cord Chicken" soon. Blue Cord Chicken? Huh? What? O-o-o-h-h-h, you mean Chicken Cordon Bleu. Yes, sweetie, we can do that!


Adoption Update - We didn't make the goal for sending the paperwork today. Hopefully, early next week it will be on the way to the agencies. Please pray for Reid to have time to do his portion. He's worked late every night this week. Yuck! After being outside all day in the freezing cold, he's been exhausted. He's been working on reports from the job site at night, so his time has been limited. Unfortunately, he will be working tomorrow as well.

There's more I could say about it, but I'll hold my tongue. We are thankful he has a job. This is the Lord's provision for our family now, and we are grateful. Thank you! We would appreciate prayer for him to have the time he needs to complete his part of the paperwork. He needs some relief from work for the time to accomplish this.

Please pray Philippians 4:9 for us:
"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

I'd better go, it's almost 9:30. Love to everyone! I plan to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day tomorrow! Hope you will also!

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