Wednesday, February 3, 2010

AAA - Adoption Application Accepted

Well, it's official. Our application has been accepted for adoption. The next huge step is a home study. I've started the 51 page application, and, believe it or not, now I can not find it! I'm serious! We did a clean sweep of the house a few days ago so I think it's in a paper pile somewhere. Please pray it will be found soon!

We are trying to decide about spring sports. Franklin and Braden want to play baseball. Today Franklin said, "Mom, I want to play baseball but if it's between spending money on baseball or adoption...I want to adopt." He is a giver through and through. Precious, huh?

We need prayer for wisdom, discernment, strength, peace and provision. We know God will provide everything we need! Trusting, trusting, trusting...

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Kristy said...

Awesome and soooo very exciting!!! Please keep us posted on the latest adventure God has your precious family on. :) We are praying with you for your sweet addition! (maybe some pink afterall???) :)