Tuesday, February 2, 2010

God's Providing

Originally Written Friday, January 29, 2010

As we begin this journey, my heart begins to pump rapidly when I think about the enormous cost of this endeavor. However, I trust God will provide every step of this journey...

The day we made the decision to adopt (Tuesday, 01/26/10), Braden, our 6 year old offered us all of his money to put toward the adoption. Therefore, we have a start of $72.36. (Ha-ha!) What an encouragement to already see the generous heart of our son! We are blessed.

Mason is planning to start a lawn-mowing business and he told us that he's decided to give his "tithe" to his father and me for ministry and adoption. My heart rejoices at his early recognition that his first fruits belong to the Lord! Of course, we will discuss the tithe should go to the church, but at 13 years old, his desire is to share! God love graciously abounds in Him!

Many of you know, Reid was gone for most of December working on a project at Three Mile Island, PA. He spent long, freezing-cold days away from his family during the Christmas Season. It was difficult. Well, yesterday, he received a little bonus for his work there. After taxes and with-holdings, he brought home $321.00! Whoo-Hoo! We laughed to realize that this will cover the initial application fee, which is being mailed TODAY! It's the perfect amount of money - in the perfect time! God will provide! Yes, we believe He will!

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